Poll Question : What game world (server) changes do you prefer?  (Poll is closed)

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  • Deevo
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For everyone still playing MOTM, thank you.  If it wasn't for you I know this game would not last long.

Now it seems the game has died down again.  I know this does come in trends, game seems to pick up every once and awhile.  So my question to everyone is do you still want to play Daily or would you like me to open up a less frequent world(server).  I have added a poll so please vote if you would like to see a new game world added..

Also I know there hasn't been any changes to MOTM game wise.  Unfortunately my life is too busy to work on MOTM but I do have some changes already in the works but don't get your hopes up because i have to finish coding another project first.  The new features include show text compilation with youtube walkout sound clips.

Anyways please vote, thanks for your interest in MOTM
hey deevo! the new stuff you were talking about sounds cool. for me personally I've lost time to pick moves good every day but this game's still cool.
Yeah I have sort of been inactive for a while due to lack of free time but I always check out MOTM when I can. Happy with any direction you take the game honestly I would play regardless.
so far the polls seem like there going in a good direction for everyone.
Just started playing in December and still enjoy the daily cycles. Having a blast -- keep things as they are if possible.
Have two male worlds, two female worlds, or make the two active worlds both genders and mixed!