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Hey guys,

Now that we are live and the credit system is in effect especially with weekly servers it may appear that this game is really expensive.   First thing I would like to say is "HAHAHAHAHA I am super greedy!"  nah just kidding.

First thing you will notice is weekly Feds cost 7 times as much as daily Feds.  I have to do this because in MOTM you can earn free credits by posting promos and challenges, so if you were smart you would just play a daily server for a month and make a ton of credits and then setup a weekly Fed for like a year.  So now its even you can play 7 days and post 7 promos and earn 14 credits or you can play 1 week and post 1 promo and earn 14 credits on a weekly server.  It's all about time.  I worked it out, if you actually do not earn free credits and just want to run a Fed by purchasing tokens you can and it will cost you about $5 a month regardless whether it is a daily server or weekly server or monthly if we had them.  If you think thats not fair keep in mind I have to host your Fed for the same duration even though its less cycles.

Why am I even paying credits to run a Fed in the first place?  I am contributing to the game!!!  Yes with out you there would be no MOTM.  I realize every player no matter how big or small adds meaning to the game but I have decided to charge credits for Feds for the following reasons.  First it adds a level of trust that I will keep the game in operation and ensure your Fed will be in operation for the duration of cycles.  Kinda of like a contract but not really.  The other most important reason is everybody wants a Fed!!! If Feds were free everybody and their dog would make feds and flood the game.  This way if you don't pay you would have to earn some credits to run one.  This means you would have to create a lot of wrestlers and post promos and actions to pay for your fed, which in turn helps fill up other players Feds.  I think it's a win win but I would like to hear what you think?

Why do I have to pay credits to reward players in my Fed?  Well if you don't know it's obvious you would just be giving your free rewards to yourself or friends.

Another couple of points to help you pay for your feds.  When contracts are complete you can place an entrance fee to help you generate credits.  Keep in mind you will probably have to be a popular Fed for players to give up their credits.  Also when assistant commissioners are added they can also help you fund your Fed so I think 20 credits per cycle on a daily server will not be so bad.

I know the credit system may need to be tweaked to find the sweet spot, the right balance.  I definately would not like to deter players.  So express your opinion and let me know what you think.



Ok, I agree with this 100%. First and foremost, I think you need to earn money for people playing the game. It is only fair for what you have brought to wrestling fans all over the world. Plus the website is not free. So you need to recover the cost of running the game.

As for paying to run a fed. This is perfect. Everyone would try to start one if they were cheap. This way makes it so you will not have a ton of feds all going at the same time. When the contracts go live, things will really heat up. I really love the fact that wrestlers have to pay to get into a fed and can't just join in at anytime.

Let me be the first to a few years (maybe less), this will be the biggest and best wrestling game to ever hit the internet.




Before reading the post by Deevo I was actually not happy with the credit cost to run a fed. I thought personally the commissioners were getting the shaft. After reading the points that Deevo laid out, it makes it clear why he has the credit system laid out like it is. This is a great game! This game is run fair. I have no problem with the way the credit system is set up. Great job Deevo. Thanks for always listening and explaining your points so well.

From what I follow, I agree.  

The server is there just as long, regardless of if matches are run daily or weekly.  Having any cost or impact be 7x what it is on a daily does make sense.  This leaves things down to player preference.  If you want 14 credits, for example, will you cut a promo each cycle on your server of choice.  


I am excited to see how the weekly server plays out.  Personally, it suits my schedule better which is why I added a fed as soon as I saw it go active.

I do like the logic of making sure that promoters are held responsible to not overly reward their roster (which does typically include their own wrestlers).  

From what I can see, I am also glad that my work on the daily server that awarded me credits does carry over that balance to the weekly server (I earned 1/7 as much as I would have on the weekly server if it existed at the time), but that definitely helps with the transition to the weekly server.  I think keeping that as an ongoing option will help. 

And yes, making a cost to run a fed (which could be paid with enough in-game credits) does seem good for the game.  It would limit the quantity of feds and make sure that any promoters have an investment in the success of their fed.

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