I enjoy the game. I just wish there was a way it could be more personalised. For example. Your finisher doesn't mean much. I wish I could pick a finisher, and it had something to do with my rating. And the rating system. As long as I pick new moves every day, or every other day, and I do a good job, I win every match. Like Hogan always did the atomic drop. It didn't change because other wrestlers did it as well, know what I'm saying? It would be cool if you could develop your wrestler, rather then just trying to pick the best moves based on how many others pick those moves. Maybe If you had some set moves, and it put your skill set up against others, and you had some other moves that you change every now and then. And that combined with your popularity, determined if you win or lose? Making you have to grow your wrestler. It would also be more fun if there were less federations, making larger federations, so there is more wrestlers in each Federation. Like I said, I do enjoy playing, so don't get me wrong. Just things I think would make it more fun
Thanks for your input.

The game was modeled after a PBM game that seems to work really well. When I designed the game I didn't want a game that had a progression like a standard rpg where you get experience and rewards to upgrade your wrestler. I have played those types of games and I thought they can get rather boring just having to fight all the time to get better stats. It seems with some sort of progression there isn't much skill involved. I was hoping this game you would have learn to pick the best moves which would make the game more of a thinking game.

People have suggested things similar to what you have suggested like move boosters you could obtain and add to your finishers or certain moves you would pick.

I thought this would change the original idea of the game but I do see popularity for a more simulator/rpg type wrestling game with more character progression. I have many ideas for a different game like that. I would have different game servers one with the current game style and another with a simulator game style. You could choose to play on either one or both. But I have to finish this game first before I decide whether I go that route.

Thank you for your interest in motm.
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