Hello, Welcome to a great, addicting, real-time, simulation, interactive game.

I control many, many wrestlers

Here are my main wrestlers

Wolfier Agonized - (My Main Person)
Sin Cara - (14 Time World Champion)
Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley (5 Time Tag Champions)
Shane Li, NiKao Li and Chelsea Li (Li Dynasty)
The Ninja (All-Arounder)
Nathan (The.Best.Tag.Team.In.The.World.)
Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Britani Knight (Bombshell Wildcatz)

These are my other characters

Melina and Melina Jr. (Heels based on taking over the Diva championships)
AJ (Looking for a tag team for)
The Lioness (Don't mess with her, shes a bad girl! lol)
Layla El (Generic Face Diva)
The Irish Warrior and The Black Baron (Both really tough cookies)

I run two promotions

Crazy Combat Pro Wrestling - A New Cutting Edge Wrestling Promotion
Divas.Bomshells&Sexy.Wildcats - A New Divas Promotion with its Battle Royal Every 10 Weeks that crowns Miss. Wildcat, Royal Rumble that crowns Ms. Bombshell and Grudge that crowns Deadly Diva
All of My characters
14 Time NXTGen Champion
5 Time NXTGen Tag Team Champions
1 Time WM MOTM Tag Team Champions
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