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Hello, this is an MOTM countdown, it's time for some real wrestling banter, if you want to view more content, please subscribe to the MOTM magazine and youtube channel.

Now, MOTM is the

perfect platform to see some of the bloodiest, most entertaining fights.

But it makes a great foundation for storyline, some storylines are

about rivalries, these are known as feuds, and MOTM has seen the very best feuds. These are the top 5 feuds in MOTM history.


HSW was the ultimate federation to start feuds with Adamo, everyone did. Most lost, but some prevailed. Back when Adamo

was the commissioner that everyone rebelled at, he started the omega

agenda. But a group of guys banded together and their sole purpose was

to rebel, and that was Anarchy. The rivalry between Anarchy and Adamo

showed the best and worst psychological mindsets of both stables, and

the fights were pretty awesome too. You had bodyguards, superstars all

over the place and it divided the HSW locker room. Anarchy then left HSW and Adamo restarted his reign. This feud is what people remember Anarchy by and cemented Adamo into HSW lore.

deevo motm has a youtube channel? and magazine? could you send me a link or something
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Sorry sadly MOTM has no channel, radio show, nor magazine.

The original post for this thread was not written by me even though I posted it.  I only posted it because the original author had problems posting it so I posted it for them.  It was so long ago I can't even remember the original author.  It was suppose to be a series of posts but it never got finished.

Unfortunately I do not have time to make a channel/radio show especially at this time.  If anyone is interested in hosting a radio show/channel that would be great, let me know.

i could make a you tube channel or something on twitter or something but the you tube thing im not sure how that would work. but i could do it for sure.
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