Love the game so far...

I am trying to think through the logic picking a hold/grapple. The advanced rules say that at 150 ps you have a chance of submission if its a hold, but we also can pin the guy if I used a Hit and throw. So, why should I use a grapple. Is it a greater chance to make someone submit than be pinned?

That is a very good question. Let me clarify as I know the guides are a little vague.

Every round that you beat your opponent's score you are consider to be in control. Now if your wrestler is in control and is beating your opponent by 150 points in total score (not for the round) your wrestlers qualifies for a chance to pin. At that point the game engine will check to see if your wrestler will actually go for the pin. Sometimes you may qualify for a pin but your wrestler will not decide to go for it (I believe its a 50% chance). Now once the wrestler decides to pin which you will know because it says so in the match description, the game engine will check to see if it was a success. The chance for a successful pin is 15%.

Now submissions work the same way except your wrestler will always go for a submission when used. Also the chance to successfully submit an opponent is slightly higher at 20%. Another advantage for submissions is managers will not interfere against submissions, so submissions are more likely to happen than pins. You will see in most wrestler stats that they will have more pins because there actually have more chances to pin than submissions especially wrestlers who don't choose submissions.

Submissions are the weakest but if the Hits & Blows and Throw & Slams are over picked there actually won't be much difference in value. Besides picking a submission still qualifies for a pin as well so you may have two chances to end a match before the finishing moves.

Hopefully this makes sense. If you have any more questions please let me know. Thank you for your interest in MOTM.

Now we're talking. That's the info that I was looking to get. It gives me a lot to think about and test. Thanks for the help.
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